What is a Lawful development Certificate?

What is a lawful development Certificate (LDC)?

A LDC is a Certificate provided by the Planning Department of your Council confirming that the works made at your property through Permitted Development rights comply with current regulations at the time the Certificate is issued.
If you have done some works not requiring Planning approval, this certificate confirms it follows the regulations and it’s not unlawful.
You will need this certificate if you want to sell the property. The other part’s solicitor will ask for it. It usually cost the same than a Planning Application (£206 at the moment) but you can do it once the works have been done and you’ll get a reply much faster.
Although you can get this certificate years after the works have been done, I usually recommend my clients to get this done as soon as possible. If the regulations change, you might need to do some works to the property in order to make the works comply with the current regulations at that point in time.
When you have a clear idea of when you want to sell, it’s worth having a look to the current Local Plan so you see how old it is and if it’s a new Local Plan coming into place that might affect the works you have done.
As a summary:
👉🏻 A LDC certifies works done on a property under Permitted Development rights are legal.
👉🏻 Application fees are similar to a Planning Application for a house renovation / extension (£206 at the moment) ⁠
👉🏻 It can be done once the works have been finished.
👉🏻 You’ll most definitely need it in order to sell the property.
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