CGI for a house extension with a hot tub!

A CGI for a house extension with a hot tub!

This is an image I made to showcase a rear house extension ⁠where the client wanted to have a hot tub on the upper terrace.
The space over the extension had wonderful views so installing a hot tub up there was really a great idea. Obviously nothing is as simple as we would like it to be. Many times a planning application is needed and an argument needs to be sent to the planners demonstrating that views to the neighbours and privacy can still be kept after all. ⁠
Regarding the design of this extension, I love the external wall in timber. This one has also been perfectly integrated with the existing house adding a rendered corner climbing up to the balustrade’s height. ⁠
Furthermore, this fantastic detail provides certain privacy with the neighbour (helping out with planning) whilst connecting the extension to the house. ⁠
A beautiful seamless balustrade provides a great view to the landscape the house is facing to.⁠


house extension

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