About Me

I’m Teresa, the founder of MONA Architecture. My mission is to be by your side helping you to develop your projects successfully.


A devoted architect, straightforward designer and 

an encouraging woman

dedicated to helping you

achieve better design spending 

your time and money on the things that matter.


My mission

I help homeowners and property investors with all matters related to Design, Planning, and Building Control.

As a southern Spanish woman with multiple interests, I’m proud to have created an architectural firm that touches lives on so many levels. From mums seeking to create a portfolio to support their families to newlyweds moving into their first home.

 ARCHITECTURE on the mission of finding functional beauty.

Through my consultations, architectural, and design services focused on residential developments, I support people like you to get in control of your projects obtaining the best results.

Get results
Get in control

"We have reached Teresa through recommendations. She helped us on our initial and actual planning permissions. Teresa is very dedicated and a professional architect, worked with us through the entire process, mainteining good communication. She was passionate, transparent all along and easily accessible. She's been flexible, patient (very important), listening to our needs and responded quickly. A first class service, highly recommended!"

My Story

If you want to get to know me a bit better...

My story is full of challenges and adventure until I finally found my purpose. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in many different things: psychology, how things get built, decoration and pastry just to name a few.

After finishing my architectural studies during the 2008 crisis I decided I couldn’t just wait and sit for a perfect job. It started then a journey that would take me to Latvia, Italy and to the UK working in big and small architectural offices, studying a MArch at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, and becoming and working as a pastry chef along the way.

Each day I’m blessed to incorporate my ideas and strengths into my client’s projects and I continue to learn from each project and person as we build together homes that we are proud of.

Homes that
we are proud of

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