Upgrading your home

For you who need an approachable professional that you can trust.

Your family needs more

Your house should be a bright space where you and your family love to spend time together. Instead, you are just living in a box with pockets that serves the only purpose of keeping a roof above your heads while you sleep and eat.

your house just doesn’t work well for you anymore.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure you are grateful for it, but you just can’t find the inner peace that you would love to feel in the space that should be so close to your heart. 

upgrade your home

Is this what you are thinking?

You don’t know how much it will cost and how long it will take to do your renovation.

The layout of your home doesn’t work for you and your family.

You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with your house renovation.

A couple of drawings, won’t do it. You need support to visualise and to make design decisions.

You aren’t sure of the type of application needed for the works you intend to do.

Somebody who cares as much as you do

Somebody has recommended you an Architect or a Designer, but you have checked their website and it doesn’t go with your style. They are very professional and serious for sure, but what you need is somebody who cares as much as you do. 

When I was working on big Architectural firms and suddenly a small Planning application for house refurbishment in Central London would come up, the project ended up lying on some assistant’s desk for weeks until somebody would pick it up and finish it. 

residential services

Despite being small, the project would take the same amount of resources as a block of flats. The client paid high fees and discussed their project with the director, associates etc, but you can probably imagine how much time was dedicated to it and how many things were probably misunderstood going down the hierarchy line. 

The high fees paid by the client meant nothing for that company.

I have created now a business where I cut the long list of intermediaries. My clients deal with me, an approachable architect who gets involved in your project from the beginning. The person who actually takes design decisions and feels your project like her own. 

I believe you shouldn't just get a couple of drawings and a couple of ideas as you would from futuristic design software.

You and your family deserve a person behind the scene caring for your project as much as you do.

This is how I can help you
Upgrading your Home

I only work just with a few clients at the same time.

House extensions // House renovations //Conversions

No time? Hands off renovation supported if required. 

Your budget will always be under control using budget trackers, QS, precise specifications and optimisation.

Using BIM (Building Information Modelling) I will deliver fast drawings.

Your property will work now and in the future for your specific needs.

Planning Applications // Building Control Applications // Certificates of Lawful Development.

Have your house modelled in 3D to incorporate design decisions right from the beginning.

Simplified Tender process comparing builders Like for Like.

Present or future accesibility issues? We can future proof your house.

Detailed drawings with precise indications to reduce misunderstandings on site.

A single point of contact for applications, drawings, design and visualisation.


Consultations & Design Packages

With my Consultations and  Design Packages, I can tailor a perfect experience for you to make sure you will have all the support and documentation that you need during the process of refurbishing or extending your home.  Book now a Strategic Meeting with me to find out how can I help you with your project.

You will leave our call always with an strategy to move ahead even if you don’t want to work with me.