Property Development

An All-in-one solution for your developments. 

Do you need an All-in-one professional for your team?

You need to assess the potential of a property, have the drawings ready, the Interior design and someone to take care of Planning and Building Control Applications. You lack time and would love to speed up the process with the trades.

There must be an easier way!

Usually, investors need to wear so many different hats that it is difficult to find the right person that can give you the information that you need taking the least amount of your time.

professionals that you need

Is this what you are thinking?

Saving time and money on your next project is your top priority.

It would be great to visualise the space before starting the works to make Design decisions right from the beginning.

You need someone to deal with Planning or Building Control.

Assessing all the potential of a property is the only way to make a profit in a hot market.

You need drawings for applications and to hand over to your trades.

Somebody who cares as much as you do

Making a profit is why you are in Property, but you also care about the product that you provide. You need someone ready when you are that cares for the things that you care about: Providing safe and good quality homes for people. 

During my experience working for big corporate companies in the UK and abroad, I noticed that not every Architectural firm is good for any project. Small projects coming to big offices would drag on for months since bigger projects with higher fees are the priority.

planning application

The hierarchy in bigger offices often prevents the client from speaking directly with the person that knows every little corner of their project creating confusion and misunderstandings on many occasions. 

I have created now a business where I cut the long list of intermediaries. My clients deal with me, an approachable architect who gets involved in your project from the beginning. The person who takes design decisions and feels your project like her own.

homes for people designed by an architect

I believe you shouldn’t get just a couple of drawings and a couple of ideas as you would from futuristic design software. Your projects deserve a person behind the scene caring for your project as much as you do.

This is how I can help you
with Project Developments

I only work just with a few clients at the same time.

I always create a 3D model of every project so we can predict potential issues before construction.

No time? I can Project Manage during design and Pre-Construction.

Your budget will always be under control using budget trackers, QS, precise specifications and optimisation.

You get a 20% discount on my Interior Design packages.

Using BIM (Building Information Modelling) I will deliver fast drawings.

Planning Applications // Building Control Applications // Certificates of Lawful Development.

Simplified Tender process comparing builders Like for Like.

Detailed drawings with precise indications to reduce misunderstandings on site.

Future proof the property for different exit scenarios.

A single point of contact for applications, drawings, design and visualisation.

Extensions // Renovations //Conversions

"We have reached Teresa through recommendations. She helped us on our initial and actual planning permissions. Teresa is very dedicated and a professional architect, worked with us through the entire process, mainteining good communication. She was passionate, transparent all along and easily accessible. She's been flexible, patient (very important), listening to our needs and responded quickly. A first class service, highly recommended!"

Teresa is hard working, diligent, reliable and a team player. She is a good problem solver, designer and technically extremely proficient.

Edward N - London
Living Room 3D Image

Consultations & Project Development Packages

With my Consultations and  Design Packages, I can tailor a perfect experience for you to make sure you will have all the support and documentation that you need during the process of developing a property.  Book now a Strategic Meeting with me to find out how can I help you with your project.

My mission is to help whenever I can.