Interior Design

When you want a single point of contact for technical and interior design.

Have it all-in-one

Are you confused and tired of looking for the right professional that can just do it all and save you some time and money? Having your Architect and your Interior Designer together in the same person will definitely save you some headaches. 

Beautiful design starts from the beginning.

You are probably wondering whether that big opening between lounge and dining is achievable or if the look of the roof light will match with the style of the room. Having to redo things halfway or once the works have finished will only make you lose time and money. Beautiful Design starts from the beginning.

interior design

Is this what you are thinking?

Interior Design is your passion but you would like your home to be also functional.

It’s hard for you to visualise the space and having 3D images would help you.

Going over budget seems so easy that it worries you.

You don’t have time to meet with multiple consultants and coordinate them.

You need detailed drawings to give precise indications to the trades.

Why work with me?

It’s hard to explain to non-architects how we see and understand space and human scale, proportions, composition and building history and character. You will probably tell that all of this sounds like a lot of Architect’s argot so I will go to the things that probably matter more to you. 

An Architect will save you time and money

In simple words, having an architect do all the design work will save you time and money in the long run.

Advantages that you can't see but you can feel

Your project will run smoothly having all the information that is required for your Design to succeed. Moreover, you would be able to virtually walk around your house and you would also get 3D renders/ Images of the finished result.

There are also other advantages that you can’t directly see but that have an impact on your project. For example, the changes made on the model to incorporate a new plumbing run would also show in the 3D. What you see is what it will get built.

This is how I can help you
with Interior Design

We will assess your budget from the beginning.

Don’t stress during the renovation. You have your Architect and Designer all-in-one for a consultation.

Working with me from the beginning you get a discount on my Interior Design package.

I can do a measured survey of your house or you can send me your own dimensions.

My Design Reports include 3D images, mood board, shopping list, budget and a programme of works.

You will benefit of my Trade Discounts.

I can collaborate with your Stylist or Interior designer if you already have one!

You will get key detailed elevations and layouts to hand over to the trades.

What others have said

Teresa was very professional and meticulous while working on my flat project. She came up with a lot of ideas and tips, taking into consideration my own design preferences. We not only had scheduled meetings to discuss next steps, she was eager to help and answer my questions whenever I had such. All reports, 3d visualisations, cost estimates and shopping list were created with care and thoroughness. I can definitely recommend her as an interior designer. Thanks, Teresa!

Adam T.
interior design

From the beginning of the project, Teresa took on a very proactive and thorough approach. She has been very professional, delivering on time all information and drawings required.

Charles R.

Consultations & Interior Design Packages

First of all, we will have a Strategic Call to make sure I understand your house and your needs and I will give you the next steps for you to move ahead with or without me.  If you want to continue with me, I will then create a package tailored to you and your home. 

With my Interior Design and 3D services, you will obtain all the documentation that you need while you enjoy the experience of viewing your project in 3D coming up to life. Book now a Strategic Meeting with me to find out how can I help you with your project.

My mission is to help you create beautiful design!