Feasibility Study

Buy with confidence when the potential of a property is clear.

How much value can you add to a property?

Many property investors learn to quickly see the potential of a property. However, every Council and location is different and what is a Permitted Development in one case, might need a planning application in another one.

The property might have a hidden potential

Furthermore, the property you are looking at might have a hidden potential that you are not aware of or maybe you are considering an extension in an area where restrictions don’t allow it.

upgrade your home

Is this what you are thinking?

You are unsure about the potential of a property.

You need somebody to make design and technical drawings.

The property has issues and you don’t know how serious they are and what can be done about it.

Can’t decide what’s the best design option for your future tenants.

We look at Properties

You don’t need to guess! You can buy with confidence knowing that what is in your mind is feasible. There might be opportunities that you are missing out on.

We look at properties daily, thinking about their layouts and how their future owners will make good use of the space, but also about making sure works are lawful and safe.


You don’t want to make the effort of going through all the research and works only to find out that you can’t sell your flip because the buyer’s solicitor is asking for proof to show the works you did comply with current regulations. 

You never know what  you don’t know

Working with investors we can identify if a property can increase its value by applying creative design, planning applications, national standards, and building regulations. 

This is how we do a Feasibility study

Leave to the Architect to produce different layout options focused on renting or selling.

We will do all the Planning Research for you including Local Plan review and identification of potential restrictions.

We can also attend viewings with you to identify the potential of a house and to predict issues.


Consultations & Feasibility Studies

With our Consultation packages and Feasibility Studies, you will have the certainty that you need when investing in property. Make informed decisions to move ahead to your financial goals. Book now a call with us to discover more details about how can we help you. You will leave our call always with a strategy to move ahead even if you don’t want to work with us.