Answer to the typical questions clients have before or during the process of working with us.

"We have reached Teresa through recommendations. She helped us on our initial and actual planning permissions. Teresa is very dedicated and a professional architect, worked with us through the entire process, mainteining good communication. She was passionate, transparent all along and easily accessible. She's been flexible, patient (very important), listening to our needs and responded quickly. A first class service, highly recommended!"

Frequent Answer Questions

We hope to answer here the most frequent questions that we get from clients and collaborators. Please, book a call if you would like to ask directly some other questions.


Who is your team or who do you work with?

As a Project Architect, I take care of managing the process, producing drawings, and required documentation. Although I don’t have a team, I have a good network of collaborating Architects, Technicians, a Quantity Surveyor, and an Assistant in case I need a second opinion or in case I need extra help. I’m the right person to answer all your questions during the process since it’s me who is behind the design. In my own experience, small projects in bigger firms tend to hang around for longer since it takes one Architect to work on a block of flats and one Architect to work in a house extension. Therefore, your project is not generally their priority. With me, you get the same service losing waiting times going through the hierarchy line.


Have your worked on similar projects?

I have experience working on projects ranging from £50K to 21mill. Recently I have worked on house extensions and refurbishments for homeowners and investors. Working previously in corporate jobs I acquired experience in Social Housing developments of up to 60 units, private blocks of flats of up to 160 units and Feasibility studies for mixed-use developments with commercial units, hotels, residential and offices.


Do you have local experience?

Most of my projects are in London Boroughs, but I’ve also worked on projects in Scotland, the Midlands and countries like Italy, Poland, Latvia and Spain. Planning Officers can’t be chosen so you might get a different one each time and regulations constantly change. I believe good research and dedication are key to a successful application.


What happens if you get sick?

My network of fellow architects, technicians and collaborators is on hand to assist me when I need help.


What makes you different from other Architects?

Mainly two things: I’m very approachable and available to solve your queries and I work with the same high-tech software used by big companies.


What are your qualifications?

I’m a Qualified Architect in the UK and Spain, I have a Master’s in Architectural Studies in parametric design and I’m registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board).


How many design revisions would I have?

You get up to three revisions of the design without incurring an extra fee.


What is your style?

My personal favourite is a contemporary classic design, but I prefer to find out the style of clients to make sure they feel their property represents them or their brand if they are investors. You can see more of the things that I like having a look at my Instagram profile here or Facebook page here.


Are you insured?

Yes, I have Professional Indemnity insurance with Hiscox and I can provide further details upon request. Working with an Architect should give you peace of mind since we have the duty of care.


Have you worked in a listed building before?



What are the estimated timescales for my project?

  • Full Planning Applications: min. 8 weeks
  • Full Plans Building Control Applications: min. 5 weeks
  • Certificate of Lawful Development: min. 5 weeks
  • Other Applications: Please consult to confirm.

Where can I see reviews or recommendations from previous clients?

Reviews: On my web page here.

Recommendations: I have formal letters from previous jobs that I can provide upon request.


Have you worked in a conservation area before?



Are there any additional fees?

I usually pack my services to include all the information I consider your project needs. However, extra 3D images, videos, extra consultations, or anything not stated in our initial agreement will not be included. I will always request your approval to proceed with extra work. Please ask if you would like to know more about my fees or if you require further documents or drawings.


When are payments made?

You will receive a schedule of payments personalised to your project. In general terms, I split the cost into stages, and I request 50% of the fees at the beginning of a stage and 50% at the end of the same stage.


Not Ready Yet?

E/mail us Instead

Are you lacking the time or energy to jump into a call straight away? No worries, we find e/mails can save a lot of time too in many cases. 

Send us an e/mail to info@mona-architecture.com and we will quickly reply as soon as possible. No commitment at all, you will just receive a friendly e/mail back.


Teresa was very professional and meticulous while working on my flat project. She came up with a lot of ideas and tips, taking into consideration my own design preferences. We not only had scheduled meetings to discuss next steps, she was eager to help and answer my questions whenever I had such. All reports, 3d visualisations, cost estimates and shopping list were created with care and thoroughness. I can definitely recommend her as an interior designer. Thanks, Teresa!

Adam - Poznań

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